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Nicole Wimmer     Quals: B Sc (Psych), MA (Psych), PG Cert Mgmt, Grad Dip Safety Science, MAPS.

Weight Loss Management: Are you desperately trying to lose weight but getting nowhere? Have you tried every diet but just can’t stick to any? Often people trying to lose weight manage to “stay on track” for a few weeks but just can’t sustain it for enough time to make a real difference to their weight. Others can drop weight quickly but put it back on again and more!

Your thoughts play a big part in your weight loss attempts and can often sabotage your efforts. All or nothing thinking is common: “Well I’ve blown it for today anyway so I might as well eat the rest of the packet of biscuits!”

Having the support of a Psychologist during your Weight loss journey can help smooth out the hurdles and mountains of despair and keep you on track. There is no magic wand but if you can have your intentions, behaviours and thoughts working together towards your goals you will have the best chance of success.

Counselling Approach: Nicole has a relaxed and engaging approach to therapy, and draws on a variety of evidence-based approaches to individually tailor a plan to suit each client. Her therapeutic orientation is a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Fees:   Usually $180/hr and inital appointments $220 hr. Medicare and health rebates may apply.  Evening appointments available.  For reduced rates please contact reception.

Current Availability: Usually within a week.

Nicole Wimmer psychologist

Practice Location:

Brisbane – 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt


Brisbane(07) 3088 5422 or book online