Trauma and PTSD – Vivian Jarrett

Vivian Jarrett    Quals: B Psych (hons), GCert Res Com, MAPS, MAICD

**Finalist Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2017 – Entrepreneur 

Trauma and PTSD:  Vivian has provided trauma counselling in private practice and supervised health professionals in the use of trauma-focused counselling. Traumatic events such as natural disasters, health conditions, accidents, birth and sexual trauma and domestic violence.

Counselling Approach: Trauma counselling involves initially improving self-care and strategies to manage with stress related to recent traumatic events.  Talking through the events that have caused trauma are useful to help with “processing”‘ images or memories around events.  Many individuals report nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety and depression.  Counselling has been found to be very effective to treat trauma that has occurred in the past.

Fees: Vivian no longer will be able to accept Medicare referrals due to travel and business commitments. Her books may be closed for extended periods.

Practice Location:

Mt Gravatt – 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.
Loganholme – Unit 1, 16 – 18 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme.


For details on speaking fees and availability please call Vivian’s personal assistant Kaitlyn on 0431 283 845

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Trauma and PTSD – Dr David Wells

Dr David Wells      Quals: B Psych (Hons), Dip Prof Couns, D Psych (Clin Geropsychology).

Trauma and PTSD: Many people go through traumas in their lives. Sometimes these traumas are processed by our minds and are coped with, but at other times when processed they turn into PTSD. Talking about these traumas is important to assist with coping better with those incidents.

Counselling approach: David has been trained by the Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Health and has counselled many clients with PTSD. It always needs to be recognised that clients need to go at their own pace, and will have bad days as well as the good. Listening is an essential skill when helping clients deal with their traumatic incidents.

Dr David Wells Clinical Psychologist BrisbaneFees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220/hr; $260 for initial appointment. Please call reception to discuss hardship rates.

Current Availability: Usually within a week inc after hours.

Practice Location:
Mt Gravatt – 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt. Freecall 1800 877 924, or book online now!

Trauma and PTSD – Paul Carver

Paul Carver    Quals: BSc, MSc, PG Dip Hlth Psych

Trauma and PTSD: Trauma can occur through early childhood experiences of neglect, physical or sexual abuse; or as a result of experiencing a horrifying event and not being to escape it.

Early childhood aversive experiences can leave us feeling unstable, unable to feel good, full of self hatred and guilt, and unsafe in the world.

Other trauma can lock us into the past, putting us on the lookout for danger, or make our future look bleak.

Counselling Approach: Paul works at a number of levels, depending on need. Work may involve building a self  that is worthy of love, learning how to meet one’s own needs, and learning how to feel safe in the world. It may involve learning how to make oneself feel good rather than distressed all the time. Sometimes it involves making sense of what happened, working through feelings, and releasing emotions that get trapped in one’s body, making us behave automatically in response to certain triggers.Paul uses CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) originally developed for trauma relating to sexual abuse, but also very effective for PTSD, and  sensorimotor therapies, which work at a more physical level (but don’t involve touch).

Fees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195/hr and $240 initial appt. Reduced rates may be available for those on a pension. Appointments available Sundays.

Availability: 1-2 weeks.

Practice Location: 1420 Logan Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Appointments:  (07) 3088 5422  or book Paul Carver online



Trauma and PTSD – Joey Tai

Joey Tai     Quals: BA Psych (hons), Master of Clinical Psychology.

Trauma and PTSD:  Unfortunately, traumatic events exist in life and everyone at some point will experience a traumatic event of relative severity. If one does not effectively process and manage this trauma, it can have severely debilitating effects on the individual’s level of functioning and overall quality of life and could lead to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Trauma can range from abuse (emotional, verbal, sexual or physical) to witnessing other traumatic events such as accidents or death. Professional help from a trained psychologist can often help an individual to buffer against the negative effects of trauma, and to help them improve their quality of life.

Joey Tai (2)Counselling Approach: In order to achieve therapeutic progress, there needs to be trust developed between the therapist and the client. This is particularly crucial in trauma victims, as their sense of trust and feelings of safety have been negatively impacted. By using the therapeutic relationship to provide a positive learning experience, Joey is then able to go deeper into one’s emotional psyche to help to work through many of the emotions which have been not properly managed and processed. The aim of the therapy is to allow the client to experience a greater confidence in themselves as well as their surroundings; the processing of their emotions being a crucial supporting factor. Sessions with Joey are open and relaxed, with great emphasis on the client and what he/she experiences.

Availability: Usually within a week; evening appointments are also available.

Fees:  Initial appointment $260, standard appointments $220 – please note that higher Medicare rebates apply to Clinical Psychologists. Bulk Billing may be available for clients with a pension/health care card or to fulltime students; please enquire when booking or full fees will apply.

Practice Location: 3/1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Appointments: Freecall 1800 877 924 or book Clinical Psychologist Joey Tai online

Website: Joey Tai Clinical Psychologist