Cult Recovery – Dr Amanda White

Dr Amanda White   Quals: PhD, B Psych (Hons), B Beh Sc, DipH, MAPS.

Cult Recovery: People rarely enter a cult environment knowingly. They can find themselves out of depth over time, isolated and struggling with abusive segregating relationships, dealing with the conflict of hearing these relationships labelled in the cult community as caring, supportive, or even loving. Given the misinformation of cult groups, it can be very useful to develop a deep understanding of what a cult is, to assess the often deceptive nature of cult-related harm, and develop strategies to rebuild social and personal confidence outside of the group.  Engaging in the process to heal from and move beyond a cult experience can seem daunting. This may seem particularly true at the start, but can also be evident in recovery as insight and awareness grows along the journey away from abusive relationships with specific groups or people.

Counselling Approach: Amanda’s approach to cult recovery is founded on developing a trusting and supportive relationship first. This relationship is strengths focused, based on an education framework, and aims to reconnect confidence in critical thinking skills. Beliefs and values before, during, and after cult involvement are often worth taking a closer look at. Emotional regulation strategies may be a central tenet of therapy depending on the cult experience. Strategies may address a wide range of emotional states, such as trauma, anxiety, dissociation, as well as grief and loss, anger and guilt or shame. Ultimately we are working towards resilience, discovering purpose and self-identity after the cult.

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Cult Recovery – Vivian Jarrett

Vivian Jarrett    Quals: B Psych (hons), GCert Res Com, MAPS, MAICD

**Finalist Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2017 – Entrepreneur

Cult Recovery: Being involved in a cult can be more common than most people realise. Some people are born into a family or group that has ideals and practices that lead to isolation, unusual beliefs and fear of those outside the group. A cult can be a group or two or more.

Counselling Approach: As cults have strong negative views of those outside the cult, I approach therapy with a recovery and solution focused – problem solving style. If there is trauma associated with involvement then treating the trauma is important.  If there is lack of social confidence after leaving the group, then developing a confidence is of primary importance.  If there are other family members involved it may lead to the need for relationship advice.  Of course safety is of primary importance, but many people are involved in cult-like groups without every being in danger. In some ways positive psychology and life coaching strategies can aid self development.

Fees: Vivian no longer will be able to accept Medicare referrals due to travel and business commitments. Her books may be closed for extended periods.

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Mt Gravatt – 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.
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