Trauma and PTSD – Dr Laurie Lumsden

Dr Laurie Lumsden    Quals: BA, MA, PhD, MAPS

Trauma & PTSD:  PTSD is a condition that results from exposure to an incident of overwhelming horror. The exposure can be over a long period of time or experienced as a single incident. The experience is such that it is outside the range of normal expectation of the person, and cannot be processed normally.

The shock of the incident bursts in our memory like shattering glass. Some memories are clear and accurate. Some are distorted. Some shards of memory lie in wait for us to stand on (be triggered). The triggering process results in us reliving aspects of the trauma through memories and dreams, visual or other imagery such as sounds and movement, hyper-vigilance, and recall of actual emotional responses such as fear and disgust.

Counselling Approach: Counselling carefully avoids re-traumatising clients by asking them to relive the incident. The emphasis is to teach strategies to deal with symptoms such as depression, anger, and loss of self-esteem, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts or images. CBT approaches and techniques are taught, leaving the client in control of the speed at which they move through to recovery.

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