Teenage Self-Harm – Leia Redman

Leia Redman   Quals: B. Psych; M. Psych (Clinical); MAPS; CCLIN

Teenage Self-Harm: Self-harm is used by some teenagers to cope with emotional pain. Self-harm is when a teenager intentionally harms themselves and the most common method is cutting or burning the skin. Teenagers who self-harm often feel ashamed and keep it a secret. Self-Harm occurs with both males and females.

Psychological Therapy Approach: Leia uses evidence based therapeutic techniques in her treatment with clients. For the treatment of Self-Harm, understanding contributing factors can help parents and teenagers work on alleviating pressure from their lives. Therapy specifically for teenagers will focus on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach, that will include: Understanding why they self-harm; addressing any trauma that is associated with the self-harm; learning to process the emotional pain in more helpful ways; learning to deal with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings rather than using self-harm as a distraction tool; Emotional Regulation Skills; building a positive self-image; values and goal setting; rebuilding relationships through communication which may involve joint session/s with the teenager and their parent/s. Specific Parent Strategies are an important component of therapy and will be provided during the sessions.

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