Phobias – Dr Rose Gillett

Dr Rose Gillett       Quals: B Psych (Hons), D Psych (Clin), MAPS

Phobias: A phobia is an intense fear response to one or more objects or situations. Phobias can develop from real experiences such as a spider bite, hearing about a scary event second hand, watching scary movies, or even just through imagination or nightmares. Phobias tend to grow naturally as the nature of fear means we want to avoid the feared object or situation, and thus our belief it is dangerous grows, and our avoidance and fear increases, a big cycle.

Counselling Approach: The single, most effective treatment for phobias is exposure therapy. This means a collaborative development of a fear ladder, where the least feared situation involving the phobia (e.g. picture of a spider) is at the bottom, and the most fear (e.g. holding a spider) is at the top. Coping skills are taught to help manage the anxiety in the exposure situation, and the extended exposure eliminates the fear.

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