Personality Disorders – Joey Tai

Joey Tai     Quals: BA Psych (hons), Master of Clinical Psychology.

Personality Disorders: Narcissistic Personality Disorder affects 1% of the population. The term Narcissistic is originally derived from the mythical character Narcissus, who saw his own reflection in the river and fell in love with himself as a result. He was fixated on himself and his own beauty and thus was unable to have any meaningful relationships with anyone else.

People who have Narcissistic Personality Disorders are similar – they have a preoccupation with themselves, and their focus is on maintaining their perfect perception of themselves. They come across as extremely entitled or grandiose; and will constantly put others down, with little or no ability to empathise. This is of course, highly dysfunctional and unrealistic and in turn, will impact anyone who tries to start or maintain a relationship with them.

Counselling Approach: Joey Tai is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive knowledge in the area of Narcissistic Personality Disorder – one of the diagnoses which a majority of psychologists regularly avoid treating. He has a keen interest in working with people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or with supporting those who are living with or having to interact with such an individual on a regular basis. Joey aims to help you to understand more about the underlying factors which cause someone to have this personality type, as well as how to improve your relationship.

Joey Tai (3)Availability: Usually within a week; evening appointments are also available.

Fees:  Initial appointment $260, standard appointments $220 – please note that higher Medicare rebates apply to Clinical Psychologists. Bulk Billing may be available for clients with a pension/health care card or to fulltime students; please enquire when booking or full fees will apply.

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Personality Disorders – Dr Catherine Hynes

Dr Catherine Hynes   Quals: Phd (Clinical Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology), MA (Cognitive Neuroscience), BA Hons (Philosophy & Neuroscience)

Personality Disorders: Although it is not a term that I personally favour because there is so much prejudice associated with it, “personality disorder” is so commonly used that I have included a listing under this term. For some people, mental health difficulties are long-standing, and have their origins in adolescence, childhood or infancy. These difficulties may be associated with patterns in relationships and life circumstances that play out repetitively throughout adulthood. People who have suffered in this way may have developed a number of unhelpful and even self-destructive coping strategies that sometimes provide temporary relief, but at other times make the situation worse.

These people may have difficulties starting or keeping friendships and romantic relationships, although they may desperately want close connections with other people. Others have decided that maintaining distance is the only safe way to exist. People who have these experiences often suffer greatly, and are often desperate for help.

Counselling Approach: I work with people with long-standing difficulties in a calm, patient, and compassionate way to establish a trusting relationship; I don’t expect this to come straight away, but I hope that over time, after seeing that a therapist can be reliable and kind within the necessary bounds of therapy, that a person will begin to take the risk of trusting me. I work with the person’s goals and values to help them to create a worthwhile life, and I always prioritise the person’s safety, since it is not possible to create a worthwhile life if you aren’t here to live it. I use a flexibly approach to therapy, and may draw on strategies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and therapy for trauma and dissociation.

Dr Catherine Hynes Psychologist

Current Availability: Usually 2- 4 week waiting list.

Fees: $220 per hour (Initial appt $260).  Please contact Dr Hynes before booking if you require a discounted rate.

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