Parenting Skills – Susanne Gilmour

Susanne Gilmour     Quals: BA, Cert Teach, Grad Dip Social Science, Grad Dip Psych, MAPS.

Parenting Skills: These days, parents are inundated with information from books, television, family, well-meaning friends and relations which tend to confuse rather than enlighten. It is the parents of children with difficult temperaments who benefit the most from help to sort out what strategies work and what won’t. All children are different, and they don’t come with a manual, so drawing on a psychologist’s knowledge and experience of childhood issues can bring out the best in both parent and child. 

Counselling Approach: With a background working in educational institutions and training in developmental psychology as well as being a parent herself, Susanne Gilmour particularly enjoys helping parents develop their child-rearing abilities. Susanne is a psychologist with both the tools and the experience to help parents with children of all ages and stages.

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Availability: Usually 1- 2 weeks. Evening appointments available.

Fees:  Sliding scale, usually $180/hr. Initial appointments $220. Medicare and health rebates available.

Practice Location: Unit 1, 16 – 18 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme.

Appointments: Phone (07) 3067 9129, or book Susanne Gilmour online today.


Parenting Skills – Joey Tai

Joey Tai     Quals: BA Psych (hons), Master of Clinical Psychology.

Parenting Skills: I believe that in general, there are 2 kinds of parenting which can potentially create difficulties for children. The first is an over-possessive style of parenting which can often be suffocating or smothering for the child. The second is the opposite, whereby the child experiences the parent as aloof, cold or unavailable. It is remarkable how later psychological/emotional difficulties arise from these early experiences a child has with either or both parents.

Counselling Approach: Typically I would like to meet with either or both parents to understand what might be the problem from their perspective. The next phase of therapy involves sessions with the child, whereby I can understand the underlying dynamics that are underpinning his/her difficulties. Following this, a suitable intervention is laid out for the parents with ongoing support and evaluation.

Joey Tai (2)Availability: Usually within a week; evening appointments are also available.

Fees:  Initial appointment $260, standard appointments $220 – please note that higher Medicare rebates apply to Clinical Psychologists. Bulk Billing may be available for clients with a pension/health care card or to fulltime students; please enquire when booking or full fees will apply.

Practice Location: 3/1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Appointments: Freecall 1800 877 924 or book Clinical Psychologist Joey Tai online

Website: Joey Tai Clinical Psychologist

Parenting Skills – Dr Catherine Hynes

Dr Catherine Hynes   Quals: Phd (Clinical Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology), MA (Cognitive Neuroscience), BA Hons (Philosophy & Neuroscience)

Parenting Skills: Parenting is challenging for every parent, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences in one’s life. All parents can run into difficulties with a child, and it can be extremely stressful for the whole family. Children with disabilities may pose particular challenges to parents and families.

Counselling Approach: I am accredited by the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) to work with parents of normally developing children, and children with disabilities, to assist with parenting approaches. The programme teaches about the importance of having warm, high-quality interactions with all children, and provides specific strategies to assist with challenging behaviour. The programme draws on your strengths as a parent, and encourages you to tailor the strategies to create a good fit with your unique style and family.

Dr Catherine Hynes Psychologist

Current Availability: Usually 2- 4 week waiting list.

Fees: $220 per hour (Initial appt $260).  Please contact Dr Hynes before booking if you require a discounted rate.

Practice Location: 1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments: (07) 3088 5422



Parenting Skills – Angela Bromfield

Angela Bromfield      Quals: B Sc (Hons Psych), B Ed (Primary), M Ed Psych.

Parenting Skills: Parenting can be one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world but it can also be frustrating! Angela draws on her experience as a parent, teacher and psychologist to help parents manage the behavior of their children. Angela is also a Parentshop® licensed practitioner in “1-2-3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching” and is able to train parents to use this effective program to manage difficult behaviour in their children ages 2-12.

Counselling Approach: When working with clients, Angela only uses evidence-based therapies including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy and Play Therapy. With young clients games may be used to reinforce concepts and keep young clients engaged in the therapeutic process. When working with children, Angela involves parents in the sessions as much as possible so that any new skills learnt can be worked on at home.

Fees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 for a standard consult ($240 for initial appointment).

psychoogist Angela BromfieldCurrent Availability: Usually within 1-2 weeks.

Practice Location: 3/1420 Logan Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Appointments: Freecall 1800 877 924, or you can book Angela Bromfield online.