Managing Super-Mum Syndrome – Leia Redman

Leia Redman   Quals: B. Psych; M. Psych (Clinical); MAPS; CCLIN

Managing Super-Mum Syndrome: Becoming a mother can be a wonderful experience, full of a range of emotions and adjustments. Motherhood is often not talked about openly with regards to the challenges that many women face, e.g. developing a healthy, nurturing relationship with your children while also being the disciplinarian. Times have changed and many women are now working as well as running a household and being a parent and a wife. Social media often adds pressure by contributing to people feeling inadequate as they compare themselves to others. It’s important to remember that what you see on social media is often not a true representation of that person’s life, but a well-orchestrated façade. It is helpful to find a balance of what works best specific to your life and your family’s needs.

Psychological Therapy Approach: Leia uses evidence based therapeutic techniques in her treatment with clients. Learning to take the pressure off yourself is helpful, using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: identifying and understanding your own values/goals and getting on track with them, not what society or social media says you should do; burnout, depression and anxiety are all possible outcomes if you continue to ignore feeling overwhelmed. Getting professional help can put things in perspective, help you learn coping strategies and establish a routine that suits your family’s lifestyle; and learning to prioritise and nurture yourself so you can be around for as long as possible and live the meaningful life that you want.

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