Interpersonal Psychotherapy – Dr Laurie Lumsden

Dr Laurie Lumsden    Quals: BA, MA, PhD, MAPS

Interpersonal Psychotherapy:  IPT is a supportive psychotherapy that is time-limited and focuses on building your interpersonal skills. Looking at how you interact with people can help you better understand your emotions in relation to them and how this can contribute to psychological problems.

Counselling Approach:  Social Learning Theory is used to explain how our communication skills and styles develop; how our values, attitudes and beliefs become what they are, and how they shape the way we perceive, interpret and respond to other people. Psychometric assessment using instruments such as the Young Schema Questionnaire and the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire could be used. Reading Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages is highly recommended.

Dr Laurie Lumsden

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