Self Harm – Dr Rose Gillett

Dr Rose Gillett       Quals: B Psych (Hons), D Psych (Clin), MAPS

Self Harm: Self harm is a term most often associated with a specific behaviour known as “cutting.” Self harm is in fact a much broader set of behaviours that are negatively impacting the person and may be long-term. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can be considered self-harm, and will eventually assist in an earlier death. Self-sabotage behaviours that reduce a person’s productivity, happiness or relationships can also be considered self harming and may lead to depression or suicidality. Typically, self harming behaviours are used to help managed negative internal states and are maintained by low connections and support from others.

Counselling Approach: When working with self harm, I explore the underlying emotional pain and unconscious defences used to avoid it. With a working understanding of the pain and avoidance mechanisms, work can begin on distress tolerance, emotion regulation and support seeking skills to manage the current behaviours and prevent relapse.

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