Forensic Psychology – Trudy Sheffield

Trudy Sheffield       Quals: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Hons) 

Forensic Psychology: After being convicted of an offence/s it is important for members of the person’s family or other support people from the community, to understand offending behaviour, offence cycles and form part of the circle of support around an ex-offender.  As part of that circle you receive support and information from professionals, who form the outer circle.  This enables the support people to facilitate the person’s reintegration into the community (if coming from imprisonment), provide emotional support without enabling poor behaviours, and support them to achieve practical goals (i.e., access to medical services, social assistance, attainment of employment/affordable housing, etc.).  The ideas is to work to support the person to develop constructive and pro-social strategies to address everyday problems, and to challenge the behaviors and attitudes of the core member that may be associated with his offending cycle.

Counselling Approach: Trudy has an engaging and realistic approach to intervention, support and education for families of people who have committed offences, and who also may be victims of crime.   The intervention draws on cognitive behavioural, acceptance and reality therapies.

Current Availability: Usually 2-3 weeks.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appointment for clinical appointments.  Health or Medicare Rebates may apply. Forensic sessions (for non-mental health based clients) incur an initial fee of $250. Subsequent sessions will cost $210.

Practice Location:  1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments:   Office (07) 3088 5422 or book online.