Family Therapy – Cobus Kleynhans

Cobus Kleynhans     Quals: BA (Hons), MA (Clin Psych)

Family Therapy: Clinical Psychologist Cobus Kleynhans has undertaken specialist training in the techniques and practice of Brief Therapy and systemic Couples and Family Therapy. He can assist with a range of family issues, including blended family challenges, separation and divorce, domestic violence, parenting difficulties, enhancing emotional attunement with your child/ren, and adjusting to change.

Counselling Approach: In therapy, Cobus uses mindfulness-based practices to help individuals and couples to become aware of their attachment styles; these attachment styles are established in the early childhood dynamic between the primary care giver and child. The therapeutic aim with some individuals and couples is to make visible and revise the way they typically relate to their partners, parents, children, colleagues and even to their own experiences of themselves and the world, thereby creating new possibilities for connecting with others.

Cobus KleynhansAvailability: Usually within one week.

Fees:  Sliding scale, usually $260 for initial appointment, $220 thereafter. Hardships rates may be available.  Please call reception

Please note: Cobus’ books are currently closed.