Employee Assistance Programs – Ainsley Salsbury

Ainsley Salsbury       Quals: BA (Psych), PG Dip App Psych, B Bus (HRM)

Employee Assistance Programs:  Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are where an organisation or employer partners with a provider to supply its employees with access to counselling services. These counselling services are generally funded by the employing organisation and focus on promoting positive workplace behaviours, constructive and mutually respectful interpersonal interactions, employee well-being, and workplace productivity.

The focus of such counselling may include a variety of issues which are impacting, or likely to impact an employee’s job performance, job satisfaction, health or productivity eg crisis response; conflict resolution; workplace stress; family based issues affecting work; adjustment to illness or injury; grief; workplace bullying; substance use; relationship disharmony and conflict.

Counselling under an Employee Assistance Program would need to be contracted and arranged by prior agreement with your employing organisation. Usually an EAP type series of counselling sessions would involve a committment of between 3 to 6 hourly sessions of counselling designed to focus directly on the issue(s) most impacting on work life and performance.

Counselling Approach: Ainsley‘s approach when counselling under an Employee Assistance Program is aimed at addressing the issue/s most impacting on an employee’s enjoyment or ability to perform at work. In the first session she typically works with clients to help them clarify and articulate a series of short-term focussed counselling goals and an overall treatment plan for achievement of these. Counselling goals when working under an EAP should be realistic enough as to be achieveable within the scope of such a short-term, solution focussed intervention. Should a client’s goals be broader or of a longer term nature than is appropriately achieved within 3 to 6 hourly sessions; and/or the impact on work performance questionable, then this will be discussed and a more appropriate plan contracted with the counselling client and the employer (if appropriate).

Ainsley Salsbury psychologist BrisbaneCurrent Availability: Usually within one week.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appt.

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Tiegan Holtham      Quals: BBSc (Hons), MPsych (Clin), MAPS                         

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): We often spend approximately a half our waking lives at work. This means that stress and illness originating out of work often affect our work functioning, and how we feel about our work has a huge impact on our day-to-day well-being. EAP’s are a workplace initiative which recognises that employee wellbeing is an important and crucial component of work productivity and performance. It is important to take advantage of your organisation’s EAP to improve your life at home, and at work. Reasons to see a psychologist under an EAP include: managing stress, illness and wellbeing, workplace bullying and harassment, improving work performance, and relationship difficulties.

Counselling Approach:           EAP’s typically provide a limited number of sessions with a psychologist. Tiegan will use your initial session to identify goals that will be achievable in the time frame provided by your organisation, and negotiate ongoing support if necessary. Tiegan uses a positive, solution focused approach to treatment, and utilises evidence based therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and compassion focused therapy.

Current Availability: Usually within one week. Appointments available Saturdays.


Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $180 hr and $220 initial appointment. Medicare and health rebates available.

Please note: Tiegan’s books are currently closed. 

EAP – Greg Turner

Greg Turner   Quals: B App Sc, Grad Dip App Sc (App Psych), Cert GMH, MAPS

EAP: Greg has a strong belief that given the amount of time that we spend in our occupations, we should strive to enjoy our chosen work with the goal to enjoy our work so much that we look forward to it, and getting paid for it is a bonus! While a persons’ work content may often be challenging, it is also often the most rewarding aspect of jobs, with organisational issues such as goal incongruency often being the problem. With a strong background in EAP development and counselling Greg understands both the needs of the employer and employee. Greg’s approach to EAP work is to focus on assisting the employee to resolve their problems, and/or their families issues, as quickly as possible so they can get back into work and earning money and enjoying their job.

Counselling Approach: Greg has been practicing psychology for almost 20 years and takes a practical and pragmatic approach to counselling utilising a relaxed and informal approach which recognises that as human beings we all have times in our lives when things don’t go well, sometimes we fall down, and sometimes we need a bit of help. Greg is committed to helping his clients find solutions to their problems, to improve their situations in life, and to recover from the nasty things that life sometimes throws at us. Greg utilises humanistic approaches such as existential therapy (Logotherapy), interpersonal therapy, and Mindfulness, as well as practical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focussed Brief Therapy. For single event trauma Greg has achieved many successes with Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) techniques.

Current Availability: Usually within a week, evening appointments available.

Fees: Greg charges $195 for appointments. Medicare and health fund rebates may apply. Reduced fees may be possible for clients experiencing financial hardship.

Practice Location: 3/1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt.

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