Domestic Violence – Trudy Sheffield

Trudy Sheffield       Quals: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Hons)

Domestic Voilence: Domestic Violence is when one person in a relationship uses violence or abuse to control or dominate the other person, causing them to live in fear. There are several different forms of abuse including psychological abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse.
Counselling sessions are available by appointment only and last for approximately fifty minutes to one hour. It is not appropriate to bring partners or children to counselling appointments.
Intervention will include risk assessment and safety planning.  Safety will always come first and it must be understood that intervention could include advocacy with and referral to other key services.
Intervention will focus on understanding cycle of violence, understanding power and control in relationships, healthy boundaries and healthy relationships.

Counselling Approach: Trudy has experience and training to work with perpetrators of domestic and general violence to learn the drivers behind family violence, core beliefs, gendered beliefs and how to challenge these to make significant positive changes and work towards equality and respect within relationships.  Her approach is based on Cognitive Behavioural and Duluth model training and experience to identify permission statements, dysfunction core beliefs and thought challenging strategies to impact upon emotions and subsequent behaviors.  Violence is an epidemic that must be reduced and stopped in our communities.

Current Availability: Usually 2-3 weeks.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appointment for clinical appointments.  Health or Medicare Rebates may apply. Forensic sessions (for non-mental health based clients) incur an initial fee of $250. Subsequent sessions will cost $210.

Practice Location:  1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments:   Office (07) 3088 5422 or book online.