Depression – Ainsley Salsbury

Ainsley Salsbury       Quals: BA (Psych), PG Dip App Psych, B Bus (HRM)

Depression: Sadness is a normal human experience – we all feel low, flat, disappointed and sad as a healthy and adaptive response to events. Depression is different to ‘healthy’ sadness in that it is  experienced more intensely and largely urelentingly, for a longer period of time, and at a far greater cost to the normal life and functioning of sufferers. Depression is also experienced differently by different individuals – for example males who are depressed are less likely to have a sadness-dominant depression and more likely to experience greater irritability and/or physical complaints in response to the ‘hopelessness’ and ‘despair’ of depression. Depression is in fact one of the most common mental health problems with roughly one in five people experiencing the condition at some stage in their lives.

There are a number of factors which increase the risk of onset of depression: some of these relate to recent events (stress, disputes, disappointments, recent hardship, alcohol and substance use); and other risk factors relate to  person-centred factors (certain personality traits like perfectionism, history of adverse experiences, genetics and biology, health).

Counselling Approach: In treating depression, Ainsley utilises a variety of therapeautic approaches which fall within the family of Cognitive Based Therapies, and Interpersonal Psychotherapies.  She works collaboratively with the client to identify the aspects of their life and psyche which are in relative ‘good health’, and engages and builds these elements against those parts which are in ‘poor health’ or very affected by the impact of depression.

By teaching people how depression works, discovering their own vulnerabilities to depression onset, and reinforcing the elements of their lives and psyche which foster resiliience to depressive illness, clients are able to work with Ainsley collaboratively to develop and implement strategies to manage and take some degree of control of their illness, symptoms and life situation.

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