Couples Therapy – Trudy Sheffield

Trudy Sheffield       Quals: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Hons) 

Fly in/ Fly out relationships: In an ever changing economic client, fly in and fly out or shift worker relationships are becoming an ever common reality in Australia.  This can cause separation issues, distrust, miscommunication or non-communication. Although quite common, conflict in a couple’s relationship is very distressing and if ongoing and unresolved can lead to eventual relationship breakdown, depression and anxiety conditions. Instead, why not identify realistic and meaningful strategies that can assist trust, open two way communication, negotiation and equality that healthy relationships thrive upon.

Counselling Approach: Trudy has worked with clients who have relationship disturbances for many years, including those who have lost equality and trust in their relationship.  Her approach is based upon honesty, openness, assertiveness and rebuilding trust to offer the best chance of relationship success.  She is skilled in working with individuals or couples to address mistrust, miscommunication and a failure to foster equality.  Trudy also helps people accept diversity within relationships, communicate needs and consider other’s perspectives.  Her engaging and motivational approach helps individuals or couples to consider the importance, confidence and desire to change, and how they can increase these importance aspects of motivation

Current Availability: Usually 2-3 weeks.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appointment for clinical appointments.  Health or Medicare Rebates may apply. Forensic sessions (for non-mental health based clients) incur an initial fee of $250. Subsequent sessions will cost $210.

Practice Location:  1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments:   Office (07) 3088 5422 or book online.