Childhood Anger – Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper    Quals: B Psych (Hons), M Psych (Clinical), MAPS

Childhood Anger: Dealing with aggression, anger and non-compliance in children is one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent. Anger in children can manifest in a number of different ways, including frequent temper tantrums, persistent stubbornness, refusal to follow instructions, unwillingness to compromise and verbal and physical aggression. While for many parents, it can seem hopeless, childhood anger is often remarkable treatable and counselling can be a great way for both the child and the parents to explore these difficulties and get back on track.

Counselling Approach: Ashley believes that even the most difficult of problems can benefit from ongoing counselling. Sessions with Ashley are warm, non-judgemental and solution focused. Research has shown that there are a wide variety of treatment approaches which can be used to help children who experience difficulties with anger. Two of the most effective methods include teaching emotion regulation techniques and collaborative problem solving. As anger issues can impact on the whole family, Ashley believes that getting the whole family involved and making it a “family problem” rather than a “child problem” can be helpful in facilitating change. Rather than blaming children for feeling angry, what is often more constructive is to have open discussions with parents and children around anger, and to try to help children learn how to express their anger in more appropriate ways.

Ashley Cooper PsychologistFees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220/hr (initial appt $260). Medicare and health rebates may apply.

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