Teenagers 13-17 Years – Cassandra Gist

Cassandra Gist  –  Quals: B Psych (Hons), M Applied Psychology (Health)

Teenagers 13-17 Years: The teenage years define a phase of rapid and significant psychological growth. Puberty’s impact coincides with a series of new cognitive acquisitions and social demands, making this one of the most exciting and dramatically changing phases in the lifespan. Such changes may include physical growth in stature, strength, neurobiology, physiology, reproductive maturity, cognitive, social skills, personality and emotional maturity. Erikson’s theory suggests that the development of an adolescents’ personality creates a battle between a sense of self and personal identity. The resolution of this battle generates a distinct identity that guides an adolescent through psychological development throughout their lives. However, any past traumatic experiences or issues arising during this developmental period, may create an identity which causes ongoing confusion for the individual moving into adult life. Therefore, it is a significant time for adolescents to be expressing their feelings in an open, supportive and confidential environment.

Counselling Approach: Cassandra believes that it is important that adolescents are provided with a voice and guided through this integral stage of development. She utilises evidence based therapeutic methods that are proven to achieve positive outcomes. Adolescents can be provided with psychoeducation, cognitive behaviour therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Sessions may focus on relationship issues; identifying feelings and discussing underlying issues; emotional regulation; motivation techniques including goal setting; possible joint sessions with parents to increase communication paths.

 Usually $180/hr (initial appt $220). Medicare and health rebates may apply. Reduced fees may be possible for clients experiencing financial hardship.

Availability: Usually within a week including evening appointments.

Practice Location: M1 Psychology, 16-18 Beenleigh Redland Bay Road, Loganholme, QLD.

Appointments: 3067 9129 or book with Cassandra Gist online now!

Teenage Self-Harm – Leia Redman

Leia Redman   Quals: B. Psych; M. Psych (Clinical); MAPS; CCLIN

Teenage Self-Harm: Self-harm is used by some teenagers to cope with emotional pain. Self-harm is when a teenager intentionally harms themselves and the most common method is cutting or burning the skin. Teenagers who self-harm often feel ashamed and keep it a secret. Self-Harm occurs with both males and females.

Psychological Therapy Approach: Leia uses evidence based therapeutic techniques in her treatment with clients. For the treatment of Self-Harm, understanding contributing factors can help parents and teenagers work on alleviating pressure from their lives. Therapy specifically for teenagers will focus on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach, that will include: Understanding why they self-harm; addressing any trauma that is associated with the self-harm; learning to process the emotional pain in more helpful ways; learning to deal with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings rather than using self-harm as a distraction tool; Emotional Regulation Skills; building a positive self-image; values and goal setting; rebuilding relationships through communication which may involve joint session/s with the teenager and their parent/s. Specific Parent Strategies are an important component of therapy and will be provided during the sessions.

Current Availability: Usually within a week.Leia Redman Clinical Psychologist Brisbane

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $260 for initial appointment, $220 thereafter. Medicare and health refunds may apply.

Practice Location: Unit 1, 16 – 18 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme.

Appointments: Phone (07) 3067 9129, or book online now.

Website:  leiaredmanclinicalpsychology.com

Teenagers – 13 to 17 years – Rose Gillett

Rose Gillett   Quals: B Psych (Hons), D Psych (Clin), MAPS

Teenagers – 13 to 17 years: Adolescents are in a period of transition from childhood to adulthood, and while they may feel they know all they need to, parents know the struggle of guiding them safely through this turbulent time. Rose has experience working with teenagers experiencing a range of difficulties, from transitioning schools, to bullying, motivational difficulties, anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief and loss, and eating problems.

Counselling Approach: Rose understands the importance of the adolescent’s transitioning life stage, and the need for their cooperation in the therapy process, and works hard to provide a warm, understanding environment for them to open up and work on issues collaboratively. Rose believes resilience, communication skills, confidence and problem solving skills are essential for growth into a well-rounded adult.Dr Rose Gillett Clinical psychologist

Current Availability: Usually within one week.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220 hr and $260 initial appointment.

Practice Location: Unit 1, 16 – 18 Beenleigh Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme.

Appointments: Phone (07) 3067 9129 or book Rose Gillett online now!

Teenagers – 13 to 17 years – Joey Tai

Joey Tai     Quals: BA Psych (hons), Master of Clinical Psychology.

Teenagers: Joey specialises in working with teenagers and young people, to explore and address some of the inner conflicts which may be manifesting in outward behavioural and relationship difficulties.

Counselling Approach: Joey is experienced in working with adolescents and young adults. Sessions with Joey are open and non-judgemental in nature; as he firmly believes that everyone has a need to be listened to.

Joey Tai (2)Availability: Usually within a week; evening appointments are also available.

Fees:  Initial appointment $260, standard appointments $220 – please note that higher Medicare rebates apply to Clinical Psychologists. Bulk Billing may be available for clients with a pension/health care card or to fulltime students; please enquire when booking or full fees will apply.

Practice Location: 3/1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Appointments: Freecall 1800 877 924 or book Clinical Psychologist Joey Tai online

Website: Joey Tai Clinical Psychologist