CBT – Dr Laurie Lumsden

Dr Laurie Lumsden    Quals: BA, MA, PhD, MAPS

CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is originally based on the theory of Operant Conditioning but now involves other psychological theories as well. It is based on the theory of how humans learn behaviour and develop their thoughts, how thoughts and behaviour are maintained, what triggers recall or relapse, how to extinguish unwanted thought and behaviour, and how to build new ones.

Basically CBT says that if we change the way we think about something, behaviour change can follow. If we become less bigoted as a result of some experience we become less likely to engage in racist behaviour. If we come to see the loss of our job as an opportunity for a new career rather than a catastrophe, then movement towards changed behaviour can follow. Conversely, if we change the way we behave, changes in the way we think can follow.

If we wear seatbelts in a car because it is the law we are likely to develop positive thoughts about using seatbelts. The brain does not like untidy thoughts so it reasons that seatbelts must a good idea because we wear them. If I communicate less defensively to my work colleagues they will respond to me more positively thus making my tendency to communicate effectively with them more likely.

Counselling Approach: CBT entrenches the idea that we can control our own thoughts and behaviour. Being controlled by our thoughts and feelings is not inevitable. Knowing how the brain works enables psychologists to help you learn specific ways to “trick it” so that habitual ways of responding to situations can be stopped and better ways can be used instead. CBT involves many techniques for changing the way we think about life and its issues and of behaving differently in situations through building new habits.

Dr Laurie Lumsden

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