Career Coaching – Leonie Sanders

Leonie Sanders       Quals: Dip Mgt, B Psych (Hons), M Org Psych, MAPS

Career Coaching: In this age of information overdrive, choice and opportunity is open to us at every corner! Understanding what our strengths are and how we build on them to undertake work activities that are enjoyable and satisfying is important ingredient in the quality of our lives. Seeking guidance in determining your best career path will give you direction, motivation and confidence to develop a satisfying working life.

Counselling Approach: Leonie uses a variety of psychometric tests to determine individuals: personality traits; verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability. Individual preferences and the results of these tests are correlated with a database of careers, skill gaps identified and strategies for talent development undertaken.

Fees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220 for initial appointment, $180 thereafter. Medicare and health rebates may apply.

Availability: Usually within a week. Mobile services may be available please call reception for more information.

Practice Location: 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt Central, Brisbane

Appointments:  Freecall 1800 877 924  or book Leonie Sanders online now!