Behaviour Therapy – Dr Catherine Hynes

Dr Catherine Hynes   Quals: Phd (Clinical Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology), MA (Cognitive Neuroscience), BA Hons (Philosophy & Neuroscience)

Behaviour Therapy: Behaviour Therapy is an evidence-based therapy that can be used as part of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or as a stand-alone therapy. A behaviour therapy approach helps people to examine the rewarding an unpleasant experiences in their lives, so they can learn when their behaviour has an influence on these experiences.

A large body of scientific research shows that many animals including humans are more likely to repeat a behaviour that generates an immediate, pleasant reaction for them (eg eating tasty food), and less likely to repeat a behaviour that causes a rapid unpleasant reaction (eg pain after touching a hot stove). This knowledge can by very helpful to help people to think about how to make life more rewarding for them, and how to limit or change unhelpful behaviour patterns.

Counselling Approach: I work with people in a warm and compassionate way to help them to study the reward and punishment cycles in their own lives. Together, we can think about how your behaviour could be changed to increase the chances of rewarding interactions, and decrease the likelihood of punishing ones. We may think about which immediate rewards are unhelpful over the long term, and which short-term, unpleasant experiences have important benefits over a longer period. Behaviour Therapy is about understanding these patterns and empowering you to make choices with a new understanding of how your behaviour can help or hinder you.

Dr Catherine Hynes Psychologist

Current Availability: Usually 2- 4 week waiting list.

Fees: $220 per hour (Initial appt $260).  Please contact Dr Hynes before booking if you require a discounted rate.

Practice Location: 1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments: (07) 3088 5422