Mens Health – Yu Takizawa

Yu Takizawa    Quals: B Sc (Hons), M Couns, M App Psych                                 

Men’s Health Counselling: Traditionally, men are often brought up to “be tough and strong”. Men often feel that we are expected to handle issues by ourselves without seeking for help from others. This can make us to feel embarrassed for seeking help and support. But, in reality, men should actively seek for support when it is necessary because nobody can hand every issue by himself.

Counselling Approach: Yu welcomes each client with warmth and respect, providing a safe place for them to talk about even the most sensitive issues in their personal life. Yu is non-judgmental and acknowledges the uniqueness in values and opinions of each client, including the values from different cultural, spiritual and religious backgrounds. Yu’s preferred therapeutic approaches include Person-Centred Approach, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based approaches, and Neuropsychotherapy.

Fees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220 for initial appointment, $180 thereafter. Medicare and health rebates may apply. Please contact reception if you require reduced rates.

Availability: Usually within a week.

Practice Location: 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt Central, Brisbane

Appointments:  Freecall 1800 877 924  or book Yu Takizawa online now!

Men’s Health Counselling – Dr David Wells

Dr David Wells      Quals: B Psych (Hons), Dip Prof Couns, D Psych (Clin Geropsychology).

Men’s Health Counselling: Men suffer from all the emotional issues females suffer from, but males are programmed to behave differently to those emotions, to hold them in. It is important that men are allowed to express their emotions in a constructive and safe way. Men also suffer from illnesses such as prostate cancer that need care and assistance the same as any other illness as they travel through that scary world.

Counselling Approach: I believe that the major need for men in counselling is to be heard and understood. Talking about and/or learning to talk about issues is an essential part of any therapy with men. Also, allowing men to express their feelings in their own way indicates that their feelings are genuine and cared about. I believe a good session is just that: talking and caring.

Dr David Wells Clinical Psychologist BrisbaneFees:  Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $220/hr; $260 for initial appointment. Please call reception to discuss hardship rates.

Current Availability: Usually within a week inc after hours.

Practice Location:
Mt Gravatt – 3 / 1420 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt. Freecall 1800 877 924, or book online now!


Mens Health – Kelly Gall

Kelly Gall     Quals: BSc (Hons), MPsych (Health), MClinPsych MAPS  

Mens Health Counselling: By and large men experience the same challenging emotions and life events that women do, and some others that women do not. However, the way in which emotional issues manifest in men and how they are taught to deal with them is quite different.  Society does not teach men to talk, to reach out to others or to resolve emotional distress in healthy ways.  Often men feel keep their emotional challenges and mental health symptoms to themselves, in full or part, and struggle through alone.

Luckily, mental health stigma is reducing and more and more men in the media are opening up about their mental health problems.  Men are becoming more empowered to take action and seek support when they are stressed, experiencing mental health problems, or are simply not functioning at their best.

Counselling Approach: Kelly is an endorsed Health Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist, and has considerable experience providing psychological counselling to men.  She has found that many of her clients have preferred using very pragmatic, strategic and practical strategies to address their concerns, improve their relationships, increase their work performance and enhance their sense of wellbeing.  Kelly utilises a range of evidence-based strategies and psychological therapies, matching her approach to the needs of her clients and focusing on addressing the current problems in their lives.

Current Availability: Usually within 1-3 weeks.

Fees: Initial appointment $260 and standard appointments $220/hr. Hardship rates may be available to those in difficult financial circumstances. Please contact reception. Medicare and Health Rebates available.

Practice Location: Unit 1, 16 – 18 Beenleigh Redland Bay Rd, Loganholme.

Appointments: Phone (07) 3067 9129 or book Kelly Gall online now!


Mens Health Counselling – Ainsley Salsbury

Ainsley Salsbury       Quals: BA (Psych), PG Dip App Psych, B Bus (HRM)

Men’s Health Counselling: Men generally have different attitudes and behaviours when it comes to health issues and help-seeking behaviours.  To best engage this group, have them better understand their psychological experience and for them to receive value from counselling can often require a customised approach.  Issues related to self esteem and identity are particularly important when working with men.

Counselling ApproachAinsley’s approach is very down to earth, collaborative, structured and supported.  She aims to support her male clients to understand their psychological experience in a manner which is factual, informational, understandable and perspective enabling.  Working collaboratively with male clients she uses a variety of often structured approaches to facilitate problem-solving, clarity and self-efficacy.

Ainsley Salsbury psychologist BrisbaneCurrent Availability: Usually within one week.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appt.

Practice Location:  1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Phone: 1800 877 924 or book Ainsley Salsbury online!