Anxiety Disorders – Greta Neilsen

Greta Neilsen       Quals: BA (Hons), M Psych (Clin), Grad Dip Soc Sc (Psych), MAPS.

**Please note that Greta is no longer consulting at M1 Psychology.**

Anxiety Disorders: The anxiety response is a normal and vital reaction to threat priming us for the responses of “fight” or “flight”. However, anxiety disorders can occur when people develop distorted beliefs about the dangerousness of certain experiences, and maladaptive responses develop in relation to this fear which can just serve to maintain or worsen anxiety. These disorders include specific phobia, panic disorder, health anxiety, social phobia and generalised anxiety disorder.

Counselling Approach: Based on strong research evidence, Greta bases her treatment of anxiety disorders on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, weaving in other evidence based techniques where appropriate to meet the clients treatment goals.   

Current Availability: Usually within 1-2 weeks. Works evenings and Saturdays.

Fees: Initial $240 and standard appts $195.  The rebate under Medicare is around $84 or higher if you have reached your medicare safety net limit.