Anger Management – Dr Catherine Hynes

Dr Catherine Hynes   Quals: Phd (Clinical Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology), MA (Cognitive Neuroscience), BA Hons (Philosophy & Neuroscience)

Anger Management: Managing our emotions can present a challenge, and many people have difficulties controlling anger. Anger management difficulties can show up with anger directed towards others, directed towards oneself, or both. When the anger is directed externally, a person may find themselves having freqeuent conflict and arguments, lashing out at inanimate objects, animals or other people. In serious cases, a person may find themselves in trouble with the law. When the anger is self-directed, a person may find themselves criticising or running themselves down, punishing themselves or hurting themselves.

Counselling Approach: I work with people in a warm and compassionate way to help them understand the causes and triggers for their anger, and to develop alternative means of expressing themselves that don’t cause so much internal and external conflict. This may involve examining current thoughts, behaviours and sensations, and using a cognitive behavioural therapy approach. Where the anger is a long-standing problem and the causes originated in childhood or adolescence, therapy may involve healing those old injuries using a schema focused approach. If a person is extremely self-critical, therapy may involve developing compassion and empathy for oneself, using a compassion focused therapy approach.

Dr Catherine Hynes Psychologist

Current Availability: Usually 2- 4 week waiting list.

Fees: $220 per hour (Initial appt $260).  Please contact Dr Hynes before booking if you require a discounted rate.

Practice Location: 1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt.

Appointments: (07) 3088 5422