Addictions Counselling – Dr Laurie Lumsden

Dr Laurie Lumsden    Quals: BA, MA, PhD, MAPS

Addictions:  Addiction issues covered by Dr Laurie Lumsden range from alcohol and other drugs, and smoking, where an addictive substance is involved, to equally destructive behaviours such as gambling, Internet use including pornography, sex, work, etc.

Adverse consequence of addictions can involve health, relationships, employment, and legal issues (Roizen’s 1979 model) thus my approach is one of harm minimisation on all four fronts.

Counselling Approach: The way in which addictions develop is explained through Social Learning Theory. This is a blame free/weakness free approach. Through CBT techniques, triggers for dysfunctional behaviour are identified and strategies developed to avoid and/or deal with the triggers. Relapse prevention is planned and rehearsed. Relapse is viewed as an opportunity to debrief strategies, identify what went wrong and develop strengthened strategies. Relapse is not failure, just progress towards recovery. Given the harm minimisation approach, total abstinence is not an end in itself.

Dr Laurie Lumsden

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