ACT – Ainsley Salsbury

Ainsley Salsbury       Quals: BA (Psych), PG Dip App Psych, B Bus (HRM)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Known as ACT (and said as the word ‘act’), this is a new generation of cognitive behavioural therapy. Fundamentally, the philosophy of ACT centres on the understanding that distressing, unpleasant, painful thoughts and feelings are an inevitable part of our existence as human beings. BUT – that we can learn to live with these thoughts and feelings, respond to them in alternate ways which minimise the struggle with them and the problems they can cause in our lives. The ultimate aim of ACT is to minimie the struggle with thoughts and feelings, so that we can then best connect with activities which help us build our most meaningful, worthwhile, valued and enriching life.

Counseling Approach: The most difficult and fundamental thing any of us are tasked with is to craft and pursue for ourselves a life that is truly worth living. Sounds simple. But it takes a whole lot of insight to identify what is at the core of our deepest life desire, strength to acknowledge our reality as it currently stands, perspective to identify the things that have us ‘anchored’ to this current state, and tremendous courage to keep taking one step after the next … I am honoured and rewarded to work with my clients to do just this.

Ainsley Salsbury psychologist BrisbaneCurrent Availability: Usually within one week.

Fees: Sliding Scale depending on circumstances, usually $195 hr and $240 initial appt.

Practice Location:  1420 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

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